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Somethings Missing Tribute IPA

Somethings Missing Tribute IPA is brewed in honor of Veteran Mental Health Advocate Rory Hamill. 100% of all sales are donated to Veteran mental health advocacy programs. 

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Rory served as an infantryman in the Marine Corps. He lost his right leg to an IED in Afghanistan. After he left military service he continued to serve his country as a mental health advocate and mentor to many veterans. He publicly discussed his struggles with depression and the effects of PTSD on his life. 

On May 1, 2020 Rory Patrick Hamill lost his personal battle and took his own life. 

Somethings Missing IPA was the first beer that Backward Flag Brewing ever release in a can. The beer was inspired by and brewed in collaboration with Rory. It was originally released in July 2018. The name was a dark humor twist among friends referring to Rory's missing leg. Today the name as a much different meaning. 

IN his memory, friends and family of Rory now come together to celebrate his life with a day of brewing Somethings Missing Tribute IPA each year. 


If you would like to contribute to sponsoring the brew day, you are not just sponsoring a day of making beer. You are sponsoring a day of mental wellness of Veterans and their families. Any amount raised over our goal will be donated to Veteran mental health programs. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this beer are donated to these same Veteran mental health programs. 

 Our Goal of having this years charity brew fully sponsored has been reached. All additional money raised will be donated to Veteran mental health programsThank you for your continued support.



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Donations can be made at the following link:

*When making your donation, please note that it is for Somethings Missing

"The more we share our pain, open up and discuss our mental

health: the more power we take away from those same traumas that affect us, and the more we can begin to heal. In sharing my story, I have found purpose, catharsis and humility. I have found my life's purpose in helping those who suffer as I used to. Remember, take control of your circumstances, don't let them take control of you" -Rory Patrick Hamill

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