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Mopping Rain American Pale: 5%

Ever fuck up so bad you had to mop rain? Yea? Us too. Crisp, refreshing and brewed with an abundance of   Columbus and Mosaic hops popping with classic dank and citrus peel character. - $16

Zero Dark Thirsty: 5.5%

Full bodied creamy stout with all the right notes of roast and chocolate, a touch of milk sugar finishes it off with a balanced sweetness.-$16

Rise Together Red IPA: 6%

Hoppy Red Ale Brewed with Nelson and Mosaic - $17

Bravo Brown Ale: 6%

Brewed with an abundance of roasted sweet potatoes (courtesy of Big Barlow’s BBQ) conditioned with vanilla, oak, and smokey peppers. Subtle complex notes shine through in this beautiful toasty beer.

Backward Flag Seltzer: 6.5%

This Gluten Free option option is available as is or flavored with Mango, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Peach, and Lime. Flavors may change due to availability.

Silencio Mexican Coffee Ale: 6.5%

Silencio is our classic STFU Coffee Pale Ale conditioned on Saigon Cinnamon, cold steeped Black 6 Coffee, and Ancho Chile.

Oak Armored: 7%

A crisp pale ale conditioned on clean American toasted oak

Mil-Spec: 7%

Built to Military specifications. Pours dark but pops with huge amounts of dank tropical fruit. - $16

She Sounds Lovely: 7.8%

Fermented with a blend if wild yeast and lactobacillus, blended with milk sugar and an abundance of blackberries. Tart with a sweet and juicy finish.

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