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Inside seating at limited capacity and the “Beer Bunker” is open for outside service. Of course we have some rules. Follow them. You don't want to know what will happen if you don't.  


 Please remember these are not entirely our rules,  but it is our obligation to enforce them.  And we will.  The biggest rule is RESPECT OUR STAFF AND OUR NEIGHBORING BUSINESSES.   We couldn’t do what we’re doing without their support.   Below are answers to some questions.    


SERVICE & MASKS:  You must wait to be called to the service table. You MUST wear a mask when placing your order.  You can remove your mask once you get to your table.   If you are not wearing a mask - you WILL NOT BE SERVED. 


MENU: We encourage you to look at that menu before you come to the service area and know what you want. We are still happy to answer questions,  but if your first question is “what do you have?”  Someone might punch you. With that said, we do have printed menus on site. 


GROWLERS: We are not filling them.  We have a fancy canner and can package anything into a 4 pack that you like. Times are changing.


PAYMENT:  We are now accepting cash and credit card. Cash tips are always appreciated. Your change is even more appreciated as it is incredibly hard to get at this time. 


FLIGHTS & SAMPLES: We have changed up our flights a little to better serve you, our customer. We now offer a Flight and Branded Pint only option. The best part is you get to keep the branded pint when you are done. We will even wash it for you.  


SMOKING: You may smoke at the stop sign or flag pole. These are not our rules. Please help us by doing the right thing.  Discard your butts.


KIDS:  We are currently not allowing children at this time. You may bring children that are in a car seat, stroller, or that are carried. Thank you for your understanding. 

DOGS: Only 1 dog per group. Leashed and kept next to you.


FOOD: You are still welcome to order and have it delivered or bring your own. Please clean up after yourself.


BATHROOM:  The bathroom is located inside.  If you are using outside seating, you MUST wear a mask when entering the building to use the bathroom. If seated inside, you must have your mask on when you get up from your table. 

CURBSIDE PICKUP:   Service is the same as above.  


We’ll adjust as needed. 

why backward flag?

Cheers to us, and those like us!

An ode to the Army uniform, the Backward Flag is a symbol of always moving forward and never retreating. Worn on the right shoulder of the military uniform, the flag is worn facing the opposite direction than what we traditionally see. As soldiers, we are trained to always place the mission first, and continue moving forward towards success and accomplishment.

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